Another Winner with Lotto Drop app

First of all, we like to say a BIG THANK YOU to the person sending us proof of their winning for $813.10.  It is greatly appreciated and we continue to encourage anyone who has won with our app to continue to do so at

Sometimes you can get lucky as shown by the first cheque of $4,065.60 that was sent to us by a BIG winner using Lotto Drop.  (See our August the 24, 2015 post)  The chances of someone winning the lottery and Lotto Drop app might be the result of that winning could be attributed to luck.  We won’t disagree, it can happen.

However what about a second winner?  What is the chance of that happening?  It could be luck again.  And we won’t disagree, but is it really luck OR is it because of Lotto Drop app giving them the edge?  There is no definite answer, but why not be smart and play the lottery the smart way using Lotto Drop app?  Hey it’s FREE for download on Google Play.

Another Lottery Winner with Lotto Drop

Another Lottery Winner with Lotto Drop

All we can say is congratulations on your winning! We hope more wins to come to you and thanks for sending us proof.

Why not download it today and try your luck with our fun and easy to use app today? Click here to download.

or go to the link

or if you prefer you can go to Google Play store yourself and type in ‘Lotto Drop Lite

Lotto Drop app - available on Google Play for FREE

Lotto Drop app – available on Google Play for FREE

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